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Getting Started
  • A good first step in starting a block club is to recruit two or three people on your block who are interested in helping to organize your neighbors. Once you have identified these interested neighbors, pick a date and time for your first meeting. There is no hard and fast rule on where you should hold your meetings. Some people prefer to meet on their block, rotating the location among participating neighbors. Some people prefer to find a neutral location, such as a park, library, church or police station to hold their meetings.
  • Once you have picked a date and location for your first meeting, create a simple flyer that you can give to or leave for your neighbors. Then you and your helpers are ready to recruit other neighbors. It is always better to have one-on-one conversations with your neighbors so you can introduce yourself and explain why you are interested in forming a block club. Always revisit homes where no-one was available at least twice to try and make that personal connection before merely leaving a flyer.
  • Keep a list of all the neighbors you contact, indicating those who plan to attend and participate. Also keep a record of what issues they identify during your initial conversation that are of interest or concern to them; this will help you later on to decide what types of projects or activities the majority of your neighbors will be interested in undertaking.
  • Always remember to be inclusive. Chicago is one of the most diverse cities in the country. In some instances, you may need to identify a bilingual neighbor who would be willing to translate for neighbors who do not speak English.

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