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What Is A Block Club
Traditional block clubs are groups of people who have homes and families on any given block in the city and have organized to improve the quality of life in their neighborhoods. People who form block clubs are concerned and care about their communities and share information, identify concerns and act collectively to address those concerns.
There are many benefits to organizing a block club. Knowing your neighbors and communicating on a regular basis can help you identify quality of life issues and other trends in your neighborhood and allow you to address those issues. Taking collective action, sharing information, and raising awareness among your neighbors will also help improve the safety of your block. With just a little time and work from you and all your neighbors, you can make a big impact on your community.

But what if a traditional block club isn’t right for your neighborhood? There are many ways that people organize themselves; the important part is organizing around issues that affect you and your neighbors in a way that works for you. Some different, but equally effective ways to organize include:

Vertical Block ClubsIn many neighborhoods throughout the City, high-rise or multi-unit apartment buildings or condominiums are the predominant form of housing. Organizing within your building will help you recognize who may belong in and around your building as well as identify issues that may only be affecting your building. Once your building is organized, you can connect with other building organizations in your neighborhood to work on issues you may all have in common.

Walking ClubsWalking clubs combine the goals of improving your personal health and the overall health of your neighborhood by taking regular community walks. Engaging in low impact physical activity at least once a week and continuing to learn healthy life-style habits through periodic presentations by health care, nutrition and exercise professionals improves your health and your neighbors health. While walking, you can identify conditions, such as graffiti, abandoned vehicles, abandoned buildings, etc., that can be corrected by the City, identify conditions in the neighborhood that could lead to individuals being victims of crime, such as vehicles with personal property visible or multi-unit buildings that are inadequately secured, and improve the green quality of the neighborhood by picking up trash in parkways and on lawns.

Garden ClubsImproving the environment also improves your neighborhood. For many communities, organizing a garden club is a great way to keep their block safe. Again, an attractive, wellkept neighborhood is a strong deterrent to crime. From flowers on the parkway to working vegetable gardens on vacant lots that everyone can enjoy and that can also help raise funds to implement more programs to help the families on your block, a garden club may be right for you.

Virtual Block Clubs–For some people with their busy schedules, a club that has no face-to-face meetings is what works. Members meet and have dialog via the Internet.

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