The Chicago Police Department recognizes the importance of working with the community to solve crime. The use of Closed Circuit Security Cameras in retail and other types of establishments is a smart way to deter crime and it significantly aids the investigative process when a crime has been committed. What makes C.A.P.S. innovative is its proactive implementation brings the police, the community, and other City agencies together to identify and solve Chicago's neighborhood crime problems.

There are several ways that joining the CHICAGO Plan will make a difference in our city and your community:

  1. Better Access - The registry will provide the Police with increased access to evidence when a crime occurs.
  2. Commitment - The program will include a placard that can be proudly displayed to show your commitment to making your neighborhood a safer place.
  3. Cooperation - The program fosters increased cooperation between businesses, the community, and the Police. These relationships are important in the fight to combat gangs and crime in Chicago's neighborhoods. The locations of these devices are stored in the Chicago Police Department's secure database. Only authorized officers will be able to access the Program; no information will be supplied to non-governmental agencies. Registration is completely voluntary. If you need to change any of the information you provide to us, please contact us. Get involved in fighting crime and improving the quality of life in your neighborhood. Help the Police capture the crime and the criminal. Join the CHICAGO Plan Security Registration Program today!

Problem solving at the neighborhood level is supported by a variety of strategies, including:

  1. Neighborhood-based beat officers
  2. Regular Beat Community Meetings involving police and residents
  3. Training for both police and community
  4. More efficient use of City services that impact crime and;
  5. New technology to help police and residents target crime hot spots.

The Chicago Plan Security Camera Registration Program is one of the new technologies created to assist us all in making Chicago a safer city.


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