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  Chicago Police Officer Career Information       

Becoming a Police Officer

Q. Can I substitute my service in the military or in another police department for part of the educational requirement?

A. We accept four years of continuous, active military service in the armed forces of the United States in lieu of 60 semester-hours of college credit. We also accept one year of continuous, active military service in the armed forces of the United States combined with 30 semester-hours of credit from an accredited college or university. We do not accept service in another police department.

Q. How do I go about becoming a homicide detective (or working in the Marine Uni, etc.)?

A. You must first be hired as an entry-level Police Officer with the City of Chicago. After your probationary period, you may apply to a specialized unit as opportunities become available. The selection process may range from a competitive examination to simple seniority. We cannot guarantee that you will be accepted into the unit of your choice.

Q. I am a citizen of a foreign country. Am I eligible to become a Chicago Police Officer?

A.Yes, as long as you have been granted permission to work in the United States by the U.S. Immigration and Naturalization Service. Proof, such as an Alien Registration Card (Green Card) will be required if you are called for further processing.

Q. I am a police officer in another jurisdiction. Do you accept lateral transfers?

A. No. You must apply for and be hired as an entry-level Police Officer.

Q. I live out of state. Can you mail me an application?

A. No. We do not mail out applications, but when applications are being accepted, you can apply online.

Q. I'm serving in the military and I can't get leave to come to Chicago for the exam. Can I take it where I'm stationed?

A. No, we do not offer off-site testing.

Q. Where can I get an application to become a Police Officer?

A. When applications are being accepted, they will be available online and at selected locations.

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