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Welcome to CLEARpath, the Chicago Police Department’s innovative tool for fostering communication between the police and the community. CLEARpath has been designed to invite interaction with the public to share and elicit information necessary for successful law enforcement in a new era. This initiative puts our City on the forefront of reducing crime and building partnerships with one another, giving users a stake in living safer and improving neighborhoods. The sustained collaboration which created CLEARpath shows the momentum of teamwork between police and the community, which ultimately brings a better quality of life to all residents. I invite you to engage in this site as another opportunity to stay informed, provide feedback and make a positive difference.

Superintendent Garry F. McCarthy

Collective Bargining Agreements  Collective Bargining Agreements
Contact CPD/Hotlines  Contact CPD/Hotlines
CPD Organization  CPD Organization
Department Bureaus  Department Bureaus
Department Directives System  Department Directives System
Education & Training Division  Education & Training Division
Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)  Freedom of Information Act (FOIA)
History  History
Internal Affairs Division  Internal Affairs Division
Our Mission  Our Mission
POD Program  POD Program
Police Records & Procedures  Police Records & Procedures
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