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Effective Monday, February 20, 2012, the Records Customer Service Section will be located at 3510 South Michigan. The hours of operation will be 8:30 AM – 3:30 PM. The following services will be available at the new location:

  1. Traffic Accident Reports
  2. Case Reports
  3. Access and Review (Fingerprinting and Rapsheets)
  4. Visa Clearance Letters and Name Checks
  5. Gun Registration
The 4770 South Kedzie location will no longer be accepting walk in requests for the above services.


Subpoena Request Guidelines  Adobe Portable Document Format
  The Chicago Police Department subpoena request guidelines. 
  Posted On: 11-JUN-2014 06:35 AM  
OEMC Subpoena Tip Sheet  Adobe Portable Document Format
  The Office of Emergency Management & Communications (OEMC) subpoena tip sheet 
  Posted On: 11-JUN-2014 06:38 AM  
Immigration Issues  Adobe Portable Document Format
  An overview of the Vienna Convention and its applicability to police encounters involving foreign nationals.  
  Posted On: 27-OCT-2010 09:01 AM  
Asuntos de Inmigración  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Una visión general de la Convención de Viena y su aplicabilidad a la policía se encuentra con la participación de nacionales extranjeros 
  Posted On: 27-OCT-2010 09:05 AM  
Gun Offender Rules and Regulations  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Gun Offender Rules and Regulations - Chapter 8-26 
  Posted On: 26-OCT-2010 04:52 PM  
Guidelines for Fingerprinting  Adobe Portable Document Format
  The Chicago Police Department Will Take Your Fingerprints For Some Purposes But Not Others. Here Are The Guidelines.  
  Posted On: 30-SEP-2008 05:58 AM  
Get a Copy of My RAP Sheet/Get My Criminal Record Expunged   Adobe Portable Document Format
  Instructions If You Are In Chicago  
  Posted On: 30-SEP-2008 06:00 AM  
Get a Copy of My RAP Sheet -- I Am Not in Chicago  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Instructions If You Are Not In Chicago  
  Posted On: 30-SEP-2008 06:02 AM  
Hours of Operation  Adobe Portable Document Format
  When and Where I Can Get Fingerprinted Or Pick Up My RAP Sheet.  
  Posted On: 01-FEB-2013 06:03 AM  
How Do I Request a Police Report?  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Guidelines for Requesting Police Reports from the Chicago Police Department 
  Posted On: 30-SEP-2008 06:05 AM  
CPD Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) Request Form  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Guidelines for requesting information from the Chicago Police Department through the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) 
  Posted On: 09-FEB-2010 03:20 PM  
Notice to Owners of Property Inventoried by the Chicago Police Department  Page Link
  How to get your property back 
  Posted On: 03-APR-2013 07:37 AM