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Crime Prevention Brochures

Auto Theft Prevention  Auto Theft Prevention
Beware of Burglars  Beware of Burglars
Burglary Prevention  Burglary Prevention
CAPS Holiday Brochure  CAPS Holiday Brochure
CAPS Holiday Safety Tips  CAPS Holiday Safety Tips
Child Abuse  Child Abuse
Child Safety Tips  Child Safety Tips
Curfew  Curfew
District Directory  District Directory
Gangs  Gangs
Halloween Safety Rules  Halloween Safety Rules
Hate Crimes  Hate Crimes
Holiday Safety Tips Flyer  Holiday Safety Tips Flyer
Home Security  Home Security
How to Describe A Suspect  How to Describe A Suspect
Identity Theft  Identity Theft
Internet Safety  Internet Safety
Pandillas  Pandillas
Prevent Theft  Prevent Theft
Preventive Programs Section  Preventive Programs Section
Robbery Prevention  Robbery Prevention
Shaken Baby  Shaken Baby
Shoplifters Cost All of Us Money  Shoplifters Cost All of Us Money
Street Safety  Street Safety
Theft From Auto Prevention  Theft From Auto Prevention
TXT2TIP Brochure  TXT2TIP Brochure
TXT2TIP allows the public to send tips (including pictures, video or audio) via text message about criminal activity to the Chicago Police Department from any cell phone. Cook County Crime Stoppers is offering up to $1,000 dollars for information leading to arrests.  
TXT2TIP Flyer  TXT2TIP Flyer
The Chicago Police Department created the TXT2TIP program so that YOU can anonymously and SAFELY help rid your community of crime by sending information to the Chicago Police Department via a text message from your cellular phone. Click the link above for more information. 
Vehicle Safety Tips  Vehicle Safety Tips
Visitor Safety Tips  Visitor Safety Tips
Warning, We Call the Police Flyer  Warning, We Call the Police Flyer
Youth Alternatives  Youth Alternatives