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 Make the Right Call... 911 or 311
 What You Should Do If Stopped by a Police Officer


 District 10 Crime at a Glance   District 10 Crime at a Glance


010th District Community Policing Office
BELL: 312.747.7190
PAX: 4107
Community Policing Sergeant                                 School Sergeant
Sergeant Jerry Negrete, Jr.     Ext. 117                   Sergeant Ramon Ferrer
                                                                             312.747.7511     Ext. 115
Beat Meeting Liason                                             DAC Officers
Officer Yadhira Gonzalez      Ext. 114                    Officer Michelle V. Gonzalez   Ext. 116
Officer Myron Austin             Ext. 205                    Officer Yadhira Garcia            Ext. 114
Domestic Violence Liaison                                    Senior Citizen Liason
Officer Yadhira Garcia           Ext. 114                   Officer Michelle V. Gonzalez   Ext. 116
Youth/Explorer Liason                                           Faith-Based Liason
Officer Yahhira Garcia           Ext. 114                   Officer Myron Austin               Ext. 205
Officer Michelle V. Gonzalez  Ext. 116
Troubled Building Officer
Officer Gina Mata       Ext. 113
Administration - 312.747.7190
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