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  District 017 Success Stories       

Various Success Stories  District Success Story File
  Outstanding Police Team Work 
  Posted On: 09-SEP-2010 10:40 AM  
Complimentary Letter  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Officer Ronald Cooper 
  Posted On: 09-SEP-2010 10:42 AM  
Thank You! from the Frank W. Reilly Elementary School  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Officer Lorene Douglas 
  Posted On: 19-NOV-2010 08:32 AM  
Thank You! from the Eugene Field Park Advisory Council  Adobe Portable Document Format
  CAPS Office Program 
  Posted On: 19-NOV-2010 08:34 AM  
Make Sure Crime Doesn't Pay in Old Irving Park  Adobe Portable Document Format
  CAPS Court Advocate Program 
  Posted On: 19-NOV-2010 08:35 AM  
Thank You! from the KACS  Adobe Portable Document Format
  CAPS Safety Workshop 
  Posted On: 19-NOV-2010 08:49 AM  
  District 017 Community Success Stories       
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