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R.A.I.N - Residential Area In Need

004th District Commander Ruiz has identified the need to expand the CAPS mission beyond the personnel assigned to the CAPS office.  The Commander has tasked his Executive Officer, Captain Ruth Wedster and CAPS Sergeant Karina Aguilar to develop a strategy that includes all district personnel across all three watches.  The strategy - R.A.I.N will work to blend the lines between community policing officers, tactical units, beat officers and community partners within the district.  CAPS personnel will take on a new role as internal coordinators for addressing crime and disorder while expanding the community engagement. 

Under this program, CAPS personnel will work with crime analysis, residents' concerns and community partners to determine a directed and coordinated course of action that improves the quality of life within the district.  The course of actions developed could address disorders and crimes could range from nuisance bars to vacant buildings or to serious crimes like robberies, assaults, narcotic sales and burglaries.  Once CAPSand the community partners identify a problem they will tackle, the CAPS working group will become the face of the department in mitigating and responding to the identified crime and disorder using both district resources as well as outside units along with external community resources. 

Captain Wedster and Sergeant Aguilar have created R.A.I.N. teams for each sector of the district with extensive training from a variety of departments.  The team was formed using officers from each watch to ensure that each watch receives the same amount of attention and information.  R.A.I.N. teams are currently focusing their efforts on conducting license premise checks on businesses  within the district that have been identified through community involvement as "nuisance" businesses or where illegal activity is occurring. 

Part of the R.A.I.N program encompasses identifying resources and bringing the training to the community.  Workshops will be one of the ways we will help increase the community's awareness on the dangers and consequences of domestic violence, teen depression, drug and alcohol abuse, dating violence and abuse.  Stakeholders will receive training on what resources are available and how to better utilize city services and become active partners with the 004th district in this effort to improve the identified issues.  Our ideology will be to impower the community with the knowledge necessary to eliminate disorders and improve the quality of life. 

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