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  District 006 Success Stories       

Peace in the Park After Dark (PPAD)  File
  Peace in the Park After Dark (PPAD) is designed as a great opportunity for the police department to have a wonderful interaction with youth and to promote crime prevention through mentoring and education. It is returning for it's second year. More information is available in the attachment. NOTE: ONLINE REGISTRATION PERIOD EXTENDED  
  Posted On: 11-AUG-2011 08:48 AM  
Essay Competition on a Better Tomorrow for Blacks in America  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Five prizes awarded to 6th District students 
  Posted On: 16-MAR-2010 09:28 AM  
Offender Wanted for December Shooting in Custody  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Officers' diligence and keen observational skills lead to removal of dangerous criminal from the Gresham community 
  Posted On: 15-MAR-2010 01:12 PM  
No Guns Allowed: Felony Gun Arrest on Beat 631  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Join us in thanking the officers who removed a dangerous weapon and a career criminal from the Gresham community. 
  Posted On: 15-MAR-2010 12:58 PM  
No Guns Allowed: Felony Gun Arrest on Beat 612  Adobe Portable Document Format
  A hearty "Well done!" to the 606 Mission Team and Beat 614 Officers 
  Posted On: 15-MAR-2010 11:45 AM  
Holiday Cheer for Children with Israel Idonije  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Chicago Public School students from the Englewood and Roseland Area enjoyed pizza, bowling, and shopping with Chicago Bears player Israel Idonije. 
  Posted On: 15-MAR-2010 10:43 AM  
Sex Offender Registration List  Adobe Portable Document Format
  This list will be constantly updated and can be found at www.isp.state.il.us/sor/sor.cfm or www.sexoffender.chicagopolice.org 
  Posted On: 19-FEB-2015 04:10 PM  
  District 006 Community Success Stories       
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