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  District 007 Success Stories       

7th District Scholastic Book Fair, Fall, 2011  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Posted On: 28-OCT-2011 08:56 AM  
7th District Youth Enrichment Program 2011  Adobe Portable Document Format
  A visit to CPD's Marine Unit 
  Posted On: 28-OCT-2011 08:39 AM  
7th District Youth Enrichment Program 2011  Adobe Portable Document Format
  A visit to Brookfield Zoo 
  Posted On: 23-AUG-2011 11:44 AM  
2011 Child Safety Seat Check Event  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Bernard Hospital partners with the 007th District CPD to conduct child safety seat inspections in the Englwood area. 
  Posted On: 19-AUG-2011 07:32 AM  
7th District Youth Enricghment Program, 2011  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Participants visit a community art exhibit, hear members of the Civic Orchestra of Chicago, and visit Northerly Island for a polar adventure day. 
  Posted On: 08-AUG-2011 08:31 AM  
Beat 715 Anti-Violence Walk, July 28, 2011  Adobe Portable Document Format
  7th District Commander Anthony Carothers, 15th Ward Alderman Toni Foulkes, 7th District Advisory Chairperson Dwayne Harris, C.A.P.S. Volunteers, and citizens of Beat 715 join together to spread the message of safe neighborhoods and anti-violence as well as demonstrate the partnership between the Chicago Police and Citizens of Englewood. 
  Posted On: 08-AUG-2011 08:24 AM  
Englewood Block Club Convention  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Informative event to allow residents to share ideas and learn how to form block clubs 
  Posted On: 21-JUL-2010 02:51 PM  
007th District Youth Spring Break 2010!  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Over 50 youth participated in a fun-filled Spring Break. It included a visit to the Shedd Aquarium and an overnight trip to Camp Manitoquo. 
  Posted On: 11-APR-2010 10:02 AM  
Keepin' It Real on Burglaries  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Keepin' It Real on Burglaries was an informative seminar that informs citizens how to not be a victim of a burglary 
  Posted On: 17-DEC-2009 03:01 PM  
National Night Out 2009  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Annual national event held in Ogden Park for the Englewood District. 
  Posted On: 27-OCT-2009 03:09 PM  
3rd Annual Stepping Against Domestic Violence  Adobe Portable Document Format
  The 007th District Domestic Violence Sub-committee presented a fun filled night to bring awareness about domestic abuse and ways we can help end it as a community. 
  Posted On: 27-OCT-2009 08:55 AM  
Career and Wellness Fair  Adobe Portable Document Format
  The 007th District Police Department Community was host to a career and wellness fair. 
  Posted On: 27-OCT-2009 03:07 PM  
Cancer/Domestic Violence Awareness Walk  Adobe Portable Document Format
  007th Dist C.A.P.S. Office and the residents and staff members of the Wentworth Haven Homes participated in an awarness walk for two great causes on October 16, 2009 
  Posted On: 21-OCT-2009 01:20 PM  
G.R.E.A.T. Graduation  Adobe Portable Document Format
  140 Third grade students graduated.... 
  Posted On: 09-MAR-2009 03:10 PM  
Police Supporting Education  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Police Partnership with CPS. 
  Posted On: 26-FEB-2009 09:01 AM  
Operation CLEAN  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Community partership to prevent crime.  
  Posted On: 10-FEB-2009 02:34 PM  
2012 National Night Out  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Englewood residents spend the evening with Chicago police celebrating community and taking a stand against crime. 
  Posted On: 06-NOV-2012 02:18 PM  
2012 Seat Check Saturday  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Annual Child Safety Seat inpsection and installation 
  Posted On: 06-NOV-2012 02:24 PM  
7th District "Steppin' Against Domestic Violene"  Microsoft Word
  007th District Domestic Violence Subcommittee hosts a steppers event, collecting toiletries to be donated to womans shelters in Englewood. 
  Posted On: 06-NOV-2012 03:00 PM  
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