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Community Policing in Chicago

Beginning in 1993, the Chicago Police Department has been committed to implementing a comprehensive community policing strategy – CAPS – that is designed to make residents an active partner in preventing and reducing crime in all of Chicago’s neighborhoods.  That strategy recognizes that police, residents and other neighborhood stakeholders, and other City agencies have to work together to address all the conditions that can lead to crime.   No one stands alone; each of us has a role to play in improving the quality of life in our communities.  

There are several critical elements to the City’s community policing strategy:

  • That police, residents and other City agencies working together can prevent crime and improve the quality of life in all of Chicago’s neighborhoods;
  • That positive working relationships need to be established between local police and residents; and
  • That law enforcement, community-based, and City service strategies need to be developed and implemented in order to prevent and reduce crime.
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