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  Always Have A Beat Meeting Agenda       

Always Have A Meeting Agenda

Every beat community meeting should follow an agenda. And, at a minimum, every meeting agenda should cover the following items:

1. Welcome and introduction of participants.

2. Feedback on progress made on problems since the last meeting.

-- Discuss whether the current problem-solving strategies seem to be working, whether they need to be modified, or whether the problem seems to have been sufficiently reduced or eliminated to justify moving on to new problems.

3. Discussion of current crime conditions and new problems.

-- Beat team officers present information about general crime conditions on the beat.

-- New problems (which are chronic in nature) are identified.

-- Participants determine whether any newly identified problem is significant enough to be added to the Beat Plan. The Beat Plan is a form used by the beat team to keep track of problem-solving activities on the beat. Generally, the beat team and community will be limited in the number of problems they can work on at any one time. Therefore, the group needs to prioritize which problems will be worked on.

4.Development of strategies and coordination of responsibilities

-- Because there will not be sufficient time at the meeting to analyze each strategy in detail, it is important that a community contact person be identified. This person will take responsibility for working with the beat team and other interested residents to analyze the problem in more detail, develop strategies, and organize and coordinate the community's involvement.

5. Next meeting date.

-- Announce the date, time and place for the next beat community meeting.

-- Schedule working groups for ongoing problem solving. Most of the work on problem-solving strategies will take place outside the beat community meeting. Therefore, residents and police must be prepared to work on these chronic problems in between beat meetings.


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