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  Know Your District, Know Your Beat       

If you want to help make CAPS a success, you have to understand how the Chicago Police Department is organized to fight crime. At the City level, Chicago is divided into 25 police districts, each of which is headed by a District Commander.

Each police district is divided into 3 sectors, and each sector is further divided into 3 to 5 beats. It is at the beat level -- a small geographic area -- that police and community are coming together to fight crime and solve neighborhood problems as part of CAPS.

Each of the City's 281 police beats is numbered so that it can be uniquely identified:

  1. The first one or two digits identify the district;
  2. the next digit is the sector number;
  3. and the last digit is the beat number.

For example, Beat 521 is the 1st beat in the 2nd sector of the 5th Police District, and Beat 1913 is the 3rd beat in the 1st sector of the 19th Police District.

Every beat patrol car has its beat number displayed on its roof.


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