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Breaking Down Barriers and Building Trust   Adobe Portable Document Format
  This progress report (2002) is a follow-up to the "Strengthening Relations Between Police and Minority Communities" report published in 2000.  
  Posted On: 16-JUN-2008 03:43 PM  
CAPS at 10  Adobe Portable Document Format
  An evaluation of Chicago's Alternative Policing Strategy after 10 years of implementation. 
  Posted On: 16-JUN-2008 03:44 PM  
CAPS at 5   Adobe Portable Document Format
  A report on the progress of community policing in Chicago. 
  Posted On: 16-JUN-2008 03:44 PM  
Chicago Police Department Status Report on Allegations of Excessive Force   Adobe Portable Document Format
  This report reflects all allegations of unreasonable force made against Department members. 
  Posted On: 16-JUN-2008 03:45 PM  
Making Chicago the Safest Big City in America  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Describes the various, successful initiatives implemented during the tenure of Philip J. Cline as Superintendent of the Chicago Police Department.  
  Posted On: 16-JUN-2008 03:45 PM  
Strengthening Relations Between Police and Minority Communities  Adobe Portable Document Format
  This special report takes a look at the performance of the CPD in relation to Chicago's diverse neighborhoods. (First Quarter 2000) 
  Posted On: 16-JUN-2008 03:46 PM  
Students First Safe Passage Pilot Program  Adobe Portable Document Format
  An innovative Chicago Police Department program to improve school safety around 20 Chicago high schools  
  Posted On: 16-JUN-2008 03:46 PM  
Together We Can   Adobe Portable Document Format
  The publication, Together We Can, was originally written under Superintendent Matt L. Rodriguez in 1993. It is the strategic plan for reinventing the Chicago Police Department. 
  Posted On: 16-JUN-2008 03:47 PM  
Violent Crime Reduction: Our Mission Continues  Adobe Portable Document Format
  Violent Crime in Chicago Continues Steady Decline.  
  Posted On: 16-JUN-2008 03:47 PM  


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